The sYnapse at Studio Y

Studio Y, located at 650 N 6th Avenue, on the northeast corner of 4th Street, joined The Historic Y community in August 2019.

Studio Y consists of perimeter offices around a bright, airy, unobstructed 1400-square-foot gallery space called “The sYnapse dance space.” The sYnapse is a beautiful open space with cushioned Marley-type dance floors, a 33′ wide wall of mirrors, 20′-high ceilings, exposed wood trusses and beautiful natural light streaming in from north and south-facing clerestory windows.

Studio Y is ideally situated 1-1/2 blocks from both The Historic Y and the Warehouse Arts District and contains the perfect combination of amenities to expand and enhance the offerings of The Historic Y community as a multi-functional space accommodating a variety of artists, professionals and non-profit organizations. It is a place to work, meet, gather, create, collaborate, celebrate, ponder, teach, rehearse, and perform, a place to learn and grow, to be stimulated and invigorated, a community of people dedicated to making the world a better place.

Studio Y comprises:

  1. A creative and intimate working environment with a studio atmosphere, for professionals, non-profit organizations, artists, designers and activists; and,
  2. The sYnapse dance space, accommodating a combination of dance and acting classes, rehearsals, workshops, private lessons and occasional small performances. It may also be reserved for other small events on evenings or weekends or during the day if compatible with adjacent office uses and with the understanding that shoes must be removed before entering the central dance area. The sYnapse has been the home of ZUZI! Dance since October 2020 and 520 Dance Company since summer 2021. We are always looking for new people and organizations to expand upon the sYnergy of the sYnapse.

The sYnapse at Studio Y is available to rent by the hour in the evenings or on the weekends for non-profit and arts, education, social justice and environmentally related classes, workshops, rehearsals, small performances and events on a one-time or recurring basis (including weekly dance classes and rehearsals) for an initial fee of $36 plus $36/hour. The cost for private receptions, gatherings and other events is an initial fee of $60 plus $60/hour. Classes and other uses may be able to be accommodated during regular business hours if compatible with adjacent office uses. Reduced rates may be available for recurring use by non-profit and arts-related organizations. Click on the FAQ link for a more detailed Fee Schedule. Maximum capacity 46 people.