Sheltered from the street by the stately and colorful edifices and arcades of The Historic Y, this beautiful urban oasis provides an outdoor setting for a wide range of events, including parties, proms, showers, fundraisers, political gatherings, receptions, ceremonies, dinners, banquets, music events, and other performances. The flagstone-paved Courtyard, comfortably shaded by citrus and palo verde trees, features ornately tiled patio tables, benches, and planters. The Courtyard can be rented on an hourly basis. This space and all adjoining areas are wheelchair accessible.

The Historic Y Courtyard is located off University Boulevard, with the Tucson Audubon Society and Nature Shop to the west and The Rogue Theatre to the east. It can accommodate around 50 for a sit-down event or 100 standing. It can be rented for private and for-profit functions at a rate of $250 for up to the first 3 hours plus $75 for each additional hour. The base rate for nonprofit and arts, education, social justice, and environmentally related events (not including supervision) is $100 for up to the first three hours and $25 for each additional hour. Other fees and discounts may apply.

The courtyard is generally available to rent during outside of regular business hours and Rogue Theatre performance times.

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